Elis Llinares



Hi! I’m Elisenda.

You can call me Lili, Li, Elie, whichever one you like the most.

I'm the eyes behind the lens at Elisenda Llinares Photography. I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade now, but let me take you back and tell you my story:

It all started when I realized that in a family of innate artists, the drawing artist kind, I was the only one unable to transfer image to paper with a pencil. A needed a camera for that.

At 10 years old. I asked dad to let me borrow his camera to take to on a field trip. This was when cameras required film, you know. Reluctantly, he agreed. I was so excited to capture memories of that day with my 4th grade friends. I’m pretty sure though that 90% of those shots were of fluffy rodents and sad birds behind blurry wire fences. So dad gave me a book about Photography. He said, "You wanna use my camera again, study this.”

It would have been really cute if I had become a photographer right then and there at the tender age of pre-adolescence. Alas, that only really came to pass when I was already in my mid-twenties.

In 2008, I packed my bags and moved to Maryland, where I started a Photography program at a local college. That’s when I finally became myself. Although, one could argue I’m still becoming myself. It’s a long process this one of figuring out who you are as an artist. But it’s a journey I don’t intend to step away from.

I invite you to participate in it. Come along as I figure this all out and create some magic with the camera. Maybe we’ll both find out something new and exciting about ourselves on the way.