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Hey, thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce myself properly. 

My name is Elisenda (I go by Li, as well), and I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I live in Maryland with my sweet husband. I miss home, but I love it here! It's where we met and where I studied photography. 

I could tell you 8 different tales of how a career in photography was always meant to be for me, but I think I'd rather tell you why:

I've always wanted to hold time in my hands. It goes by so fast. It is so frightfully relentless. The ability to capture light and make a moment eternal sounds pretty magical to me. And that is exactly what I'm trying to do every time I have a camera in my hands: just some magic.


Slightly Off Key: When I'm alone in the car, there's no reason to believe I lack singing abilities. (Obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack right now.)

Old Stuff: I have a thing for maps and botanical prints. ETSY will be my downfall.

The Occult: My mother and my paternal grandmother were both born on Halloween (known as "Witches' Day" in Brazil), which led me to believe, growing up, that a career in wizardry was a perfectly acceptable option.

Disney Employment: During a break from work, I shared a bucket of popcorn with Mary Poppins in her undergarments while watching a movie inside a backstage trailer. Also, Snow White was my roommate.

Thou Art Mad: I learned English after obsessing over Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet. So there's that. Thanks, pal!

Super Power: I have colored-grapheme synesthesia. I see (or sense, I don't know) colors in numbers and letters. It's kinda freaky, but totally amazing.


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