Elisenda Llinares



When I was 10 years old, or 9… I don’t know, I asked my dad to let me borrow his camera to take to on a field trip. Reluctantly he agreed and gave me two rolls of film. I was so excited to capture memories of that day with my 4th grade friends. I’m pretty sure though that 90% of those shots were of fluffy rodents and sad birds behind blurry wire fences. That led my father to gift me a book on Photography. He said, "You wanna use my camera again, read this.”

It would have been cute if I had become a photographer right then and there at the tender age of pre-adolescence. Alas, that only really came to pass when I was already in my mid-twenties. I dabbled in other careers before going back to that which brought me real joy.

11 years ago I took a chance, moved to Maryland, and started a Photography program at school. BEST DECISION EVER. That’s when I finally became myself. Although, one could argue I’m still becoming myself. It’s a long process this one of figuring out who you are as an artist. But it’s a journey I don’t intend to step away from.

I invite you to participate in it. Come along with me as I figure this all out and create some magic with the camera. Maybe we’ll both find out something new and exciting about ourselves on the way.

I've always wanted to hold time in my hands. It goes by so fast. It is so frightfully relentless. The ability to capture light and make a moment eternal sounds pretty magical to me. And that is exactly what I'm trying to do every time I have a camera in my hands: just some magic.


I made a list a long time ago of things I love. I like going back to it every now and then to see what changes and what remains.

My Family & This Cute Guy

Coffee & Oh, So Many Books

Sao Paulo's Shore

Friends Old & New

BBC Series

Art History & Museums

Hiking And Trail Running

Dogs, But This One Especially