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In early 2006, I took a chance, signed up, and waited for a family to choose me to care for their kids. It was such an exciting time! I would get to live and experience things I had only watched in Hollywood movies. I had always dreamt of living abroad, of speaking the language I had been pouring my heart and soul into learning since I was 13. I dreamt of attending an American college, making friends, and going to house parties where beer was served in red solo cups. 

I got the call sometime in June from a family in Gaithersburg. I hadn't thought of Maryland as a destination. I had set my sights in New York City or San Francisco. My future host mom and I clicked on the phone though. We talked for almost 2 hours, sharing our hopes for the year to come. It was my first and only call. A decision was made!

I arrived in Maryland in late August, and started one of the best years of my life. It brought me so much. A wonderful second family, lifetime friends, love, and even a career.

I had always imagined one day I'd get to be a professional photographer, and it was as an Au Pair that I discovered I could be one. I'll spare you all the details, but almost 12 years later I find myself living just a few minutes from that house in Gaithersburg. A photographer now.

Back in 2006, hiring someone to photograph you professionally was something you only did if you were rich or getting married. All the photos I have of me and the friends I made are from an old Sony Cybershot with a 2 megapixel sensor. Guys! I'm ancient! iPhones were unheard of yet! How I wish some of those memories I made had been captured by a professional.

But times have changed and I want you, your friends, and your host family to have a wonderfully heart-felt memory to keep from your year as an Au Pair. How about that? Let's photograph together!



Starting at $350


Just you in your favorite place

1/2 hour | 1 location

20 images


You + up to 2 friends 

1 hour | 1 location

30 images


You + your host family

1 1/2 hours | home + 1 location

50 images

Package includes a beautiful online gallery for sharing with friends and family. 



Fine Art Prints

Coffee Table Books

Lay Flat Albums

Add'l Image Download Packages



Can I bring more than 2 friends to a "Friends session"?

There's a charge for each additional friend, but you can bring as many as you'd like. 15 minutes of shooting are added for every additional friend.

What are some locations where we can have the shoot?

Some of the most popular spots are the National Mall, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Eastern Market, and Rock Creek Park, but we can go anywhere you'd like! Your favorite hangout with friends, your town or neighborhood, somewhere none of you have visited before. Just bear in mind that certain areas of DC require a photography permit from the National Park Service, which would incur and extra fee (aprox. $140).

Do you travel for shoots?

Heck yeah! I'll meet you and your friends anywhere in the USA. Travel fees apply. 

Why are solo sESSIONS so short?

Simply put, to make it less expensive for you and/or your host family. I was an au pair once and I know that our stipends are not really high. The cost of a Friends Sessions can be divided among friends making it more affordable for everyone. These 30 minutes for solos are very well planned and we get a lot of nice pictures. However, you always have the option of upgrading it to an hour long session. It's up to you!

Can anyone buy an au pair session?

Au Pair Sessions are tailored and priced specifically for au pairs. Only current au pairs qualify. Au pair or host family must provide proof that the au pair is currently enrolled and active in the program. 

My friends are not au pairs, does that disqualify us for a session?

Not at all! If you are a current au pair, then we are good to go!


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