Laura + Mike | Flytographer

When my sister visited DC, I had so much fun photographing her around the city. It wasn't the first time I had ever done something like that. Whenever someone comes to visit, I take them out on tours and bring my camera along. 

The photos I took of her were all over our Instagrams and Facebook. What followed was a ton of compliments on how fun her trip seemed to have been, how great that I was there to capture it, how beautiful the photos were. No selfies were taken! Well, maybe one or two. But you get my point. 

I then started toying with the idea of offering Vacation Sessions. "Call me up and I'll follow you around town! Go home with beautiful photos of your trip!". Certainly someone must have thought of that before! But how could I reach these people out? I had no clue.

Then BAM! The universe heard me and somehow, someway, I saw a post on Facebook from Forbes about a company called Flytographer. Nicole Smith, a Canadian mom, was out to fix the bad selfie travel situation. She had the idea after going on a trip with a friend and coming back with terrible photos of their beautiful memories. 

Nicole founded Flytographer in 2013 and since then more than 300 professional photographers from all over the world have joined in. When I went to their website, my heart was racing. Do they have anyone in DC? Could I be a Flytographer? This sounds too good to be true. Although they had over 20 photographers in Paris and NYC, Washington seemed to be in need of more able pairs of eyes. It only had one! So I told myself, go for it! Contact them! Join the revolution! And that I did, my friend!

I was so happy to hear back from them. I joined Flytographer in August and it's been one of the most fun jobs I have ever had. I get to meet people from all over the world, show them around this beautiful city I live in (and probably bore them with my History spiels), and make images! It's magical!

And this brings me to this post's photos. Just before officially becoming a Flytographer, I went on a series of test shoots with some friends of mine around town to nail down a few good routes. To them I'm forever grateful!  

These are Mike and Laura and I took them on the "Lower Georgetown Route".