Julianna | New York, NY

If someone had told Julianna and I, back in 8th grade, that years later we'd be in NYC for her maternity shoot, well... We probably would have giggled uncontrollably. Guess what, though! This is exactly what happened. Love brought me to DC, her work took her to NY, and life can take you places you really never thought it'd take you. Ok... that's a bit of a lie, I've always totally dreamed of living in NY. 

Ju is expecting her first child this spring with her husband Anderson, and getting to meet up with them to make these images was nothing short of special. It rained all day long, and that made for some pretty rare images of an "empty" Central Park. I have to thank them for battling the rain and cold for the session. They were true troopers! 

As the cold got under our skins, we decided to move indoors into their super cute Upper West Side apartment (it was their last weekend there!) for an at home session. Which, you might have heard, is a favorite of mine. There's something so intimate and cozy about them. Whoever is in front of the camera gets to be completely at ease, and I believe that creates truly memorable moments.