W + A | National Harbor, MD

When you get a call to photograph a proposal by a Coast Guard officer about to be deployed, well it doesn't get any more special than that. 

I met Alex through Flytographer, and we planned on meeting at the National Harbor in Maryland about one hour before Whitney was supposed to arrive. He wanted to propose in one of the long piers that stretch out onto the Potomac, but alas, a festival was being held on it. So we set out to find a new spot and we lucked out! The overlook provided the perfect backdrop for the proposal!

Whitney arrived with her friends and family (they came all the way from North Carolina), who had whisked her out to buy Alex time to get in his uniform and prepare to pop the question. 

Now, tell me, aren't they just gorgeous together? 

p.s. In case you are wondering why Whitney is holding a single flipflop in her hands during the proposal, well... Alex and Whitney had been at a baseball game earlier in the day. They separated as the game ended. She was supposed to find a pair of flip-flops in her car with a question that would set her out on a scavenger hunt. Turns out Alex forgot half of the pair! She showed up at the harbor holding that single flipflop, still trying to figure out what the heck he was trying to say!

Alex and Whitney, I wish you a life filled with love and joy! You are absolutely perfect together!