Thais + Daniel | Washington DC

Thais and I have known each other since we were in 2nd grade. We've been best friends for over two decades now, ever since that day in 5th grade when everyone else got to go to the mall unchaperoned, except for the two of us. Having overprotective parents in common brought us together and no amount of distance has ever brought us apart.

Her husband, Daniel has also been my friend since we were teenagers. I find it to be one of the most fortunate events of our lives that they got to fall in love with each other. Their union keeps all of our school friends together. They are the glue. 

Truth is, I keep saying she's my best friend, but it's more like she's my sister. Living far away from her and our group of friends in Brazil is not easy, but the bond we all have with each other is quite unshakable.

For years, I've been anticipating hosting her and Daniel in DC. I've been living here on and off for the past eleven years, so it did take quite a while for this visit to happen and it happen in a most unexpected way.

Daniel was coming by himself to spend his vacation, while Thais had decided to stay home to apply for a new position at work. Just a week before his flight here, he surprised her with a ticket and then, oh well, job applications be damned!  

I cannot tell you how immensely happy I was to finally have them over at the city I now call home. We had the most wonderful fun despite the bitter cold of January.

Here's some of the moments I got to capture of them meeting DC for the first time: