Branding Photography for Jewelry Designer | Washington DC

When Rachelle approached me to photograph her new branding images, I was ecstatic! I adore photographing jewelry. In fact, my first ever “job” as a photographer was as an intern at National Jean Company in Bethesda photographing stills of jewelry for all the designers they featured in their store and website. It was just such calm, focused work to create images of tiny little things.

Fast forward about 8 years, Rachelle and I were discussing our ideas for her shoot over coffee when I brought up the fact that I had been an intern at NJC. That’s when she tells me she had her pieces sold by them way back when. Turns out I had photographed her jewelry before! Such a coincidence! I love how the world turns and brings us these little reencounters.

So take a look at this fun session we put together and don’t forget to visit Rachelle Celine’s website to see more of her gorgeous minimalistic and modern pieces.