Independence Day and the Ongoing Road to Freedom

Fireworks exploding dimly Colors splashing silently Against the midnight blue sky I stay inside heart broken and awry I want to celebrate you today—I do Even if you haven’t always loved me too Celebration for liberation I cannot feel For I need space within myself to heal Land of the free, home of the brave […]

How to Start and Grow a Business

Starting and growing a business is a deeply gratifying experience. Your business is a reflection of your unique gifts and experience—a contribution that no one else can make to the world. However, it’s not always easy. Throughout several years of running a custom jewelry studio and coaching purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I’ve grown and been stretched more […]

How to Sit in the Discomfort of ‘the Middle’

I’ll be honest. It’s hard to write about the middle space when you’re in the white hot center of it. I can’t see the shore I left and the one I’m reaching for is still unknown. A friend helped me find the name for this the other day. It’s called liminality—the tension between the no […]

Darling Letters: Disappointment Is A Comma, Not a Period

We are bringing “Darling Letters” from your inbox to the blog! We love the art of letter writing and believe it helps build authentic community. Our editors and contributors have thoughtfully written encouraging letters to cut through the busyness and speak straight to your heart. After a long day of frantically refreshing my inbox, I […]

Why You Need to Stop Waiting for a Relationship to Pursue Your Dreams

Some of the most beloved storylines end with the hopeful words “happily ever after.” The nostalgic phrase takes me back to childhood and evokes warm memories of bedtime stories, rainy days spent watching fairy tales and daydreams of romantic first dances. In great literature, the “happily ever after” narrative is characterized by a beautiful and […]

How to Talk About Finances With Your Significant Other

As a couples therapist, it may not surprise you that I see many couples struggling with conversations and disagreements surrounding the topic of money. It’s a classic fight that couples have, like loading the dishwasher, asking for directions and driving. Money is just one of those things we expect couples to disagree about. However, what […]

A Lesson From the French on How to Rest Well During Summertime

It’s difficult to put into words what summertime means in France. An analogy that seems fitting is to compare summer in France to a finely aged wine. The French work hard all year to harvest the fruit of their labor, but when it comes to summer vacation, they know that, like an aged bottle of […]