Helping The Pups

A couple of weeks ago, I met Uma and Kevin, the nicest, most caring people ever. They run Pet Rescue Alliance in Alexandria, VA. PRA is a non-profit organization that cares for homeless dogs and cats by sheltering, rehabilitating, and placing them with new families. 

Their mission is to find loving families to care for these abandoned and neglected animals. It is a beautiful job, but it is also heartbreaking. I didn't know much about it before our meeting, but up to 60% of dogs and 70% of cats are euthanized at shelters around the country. I also learned about BBD (Big Black Dog Syndrome), where large black dogs are much less likely to be adopted. You see, my very first dog was a beautiful black German Shepherd. It had never crossed my mind that black dogs were "less preferable". But it turns out that shelters are over-flowing with them.

At this moment, PRA is caring for 16 dogs (15 of them are black-coated!) and they all need a home. PRA counts on individuals' assistance to continue their beautiful work. Any kind of help is welcome, either by donating, volunteering, and/or fostering these animals until they can be placed at a permanent home. 

I joined their fostering program.

I've had Mary with me for almost two weeks now. She is just the most loving, calm dog I've ever known. And the puppy eyes!! AAAH! It breaks my heart that I can't keep her, so for now all I can do is find her a loving family.

Mary is a 5 year-old Border Collie Lab mix. She's house-trained and really easy to walk. She is also extremely responsive to commands. Super intelligent! 

Mary <3

If you are looking to adopt at the moment, please, consider welcoming Mary into your home. She is a gentle soul and deserves a family that will love and care for her. She will love you back with all her heart. If you can't care for her right now, please let your friends know there is a sweet pooch in search of home.

I'm also collaborating with PRA by photographing all their pups in their best light. So I'll be posting here and on Facebook from time to time about other dogs looking for a forever home. 

These are Mary's roomates at PRA right now:

They are all waiting to be loved.

To learn more about these pups, visit PRA's website website: And for updates, follow along at PRA's Facebook.