There Was A Book Rut, Then There Was A Book Record

File Feb 15, 6 58 10 PM.jpeg

Last year, I read 29 (and a half) books.

29 incredible, horrible, okay, amazing books. I had never read so many books. I basically had a book on me at all times. I read when I woke up, I read in the metro, on the bus, in bed, in the park, and let's be honest, I read in the bathroom too.

In 2016 I had set myself a challenge to read 12 books. One a month. And somehow I didn't make it. I came up short by a single book. However, in mid 2016 I joined a book club with the most amazing human beings. Ladies who are fiercely intelligent, who read for joy and for pain, who are not afraid to speak their truths and just inspire me tremendously. So when 2017 started, I decided to double my previous year's challenge and go for 24 books.

Well, that was the magic number. Because I had set this unprecedented hurdle for myself, I had to prioritize. Do I read or do I scroll Facebook? I read. Do I take the bus and read or drive and... well... not read? I take the bus. Do I push myself to finish this book that really sucks or do I go to a better one? Oh, goodbye sucky book. 

I used to think I had to finish every book I started no matter how dull it was. Then I let go of that self imposed rule and so many wonderful things happened. I also used to think I could only read one book at a time. Why? I watch 8 different series on TV without getting confused about the storylines. Then, goddammit, I can read as many books at the same time as I want. And I did! 

And that, my friends, got me to complete my challenge of 24 books by September's end! So I just kept going, one book after another and at the same time.

For 2018 I set the challenge at 30 books. I'm not saying I will repeat last year's feat, but I don't think I can live without always having a story to read next to me again.

Check out my year in books on Goodreads and follow along if you'd like!