I’m so excited that I’ll get to photograph your family soon! To make the process as easy as possible for you, I wanted to share some tips to get everyone prepared for it.

TIP 1 - Arrival time & LOCATION

Meet up location: (https://goo.gl/7PNPa3)

Arrive at the meet up location at least 10 minutes before your shoot starting time. My assistant will be there to greet you while I finish up the shoot with the previous family and he will take you to the spot on the trail where I’ll be photographing. You will find Rod, my husband and assistant for the day, at the circle that connect Poplar Run Dr and Tivoli Lake Blvd.

It’s just a short walk, but because we’re on a tight schedule, it’s easier if there’s someone to guide you there instead of having to find me in the middle of the park.

The location is really sweet. There’s a creek and a bridge and a winding wooden trail. This is a photo I’ve taken there during the summer:


TIP 2 - Kids reactions

In all honesty... Bribery is the way, my friends! :P Otherwise, just let the kids be themselves. They might smile or not, but as a photographer I believe in capturing a child’s real personality. So don’t worry too much if you think your kids are not behaving for the camera. Allow me to take the lead and guide them to the poses and reactions that will make these images something you’ll cherish forever. 

TIP 3 - Make up

Even though this is a short session, feeling like you are your best self in front of the camera can make all the difference. Let the know if you need recommendations for make up artists. You probably know I’ll direct you to Valerie Hammer, but if she’s not available, I know a few other ladies who are also amazing!

TIP 4 - Wardrobe

This is much easier than it sounds! You don’t need to break the bank to have the best outfit for a mini session. However, colors matter! 

I have a few suggestions when it comes to it. Here are some images (plucked from Pinterest) with outfits in colors that stand out in a similar setting to where we will be photographing:




I’ve established November 25 as a backup date for the shoots in case we get just the most horrific weather on Nov 18. Hopefully, it will be a beautiful and bright day, but as you all Marylanders and Washingtonians know, the weather around here has been cray cray. I’m only postponing it in case of rain. So cloudy, windy, sunny, hot, freezing, and even a little drizzle and we are a-go!

In case it does rain and you are unable to make it to the shoot the following week, it being Thanksgiving weekend and everything, I absolutely understand and we will:

  1. schedule an extra rain date that works for most of you, or

  2. give you a mini shoot credit for a future session, or

  3. fully refund you.

    Whatever you believe is best.

And that's about it! Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your shoot!